Is peace possible in this world?

What is the solution for bringing eternal peace?

The entire world would like to have an answer to this.

There are a lot of innovations happening in the field of science, space, medicine, internet gets faster and faster; it’s a world of 4G telecom speeds, better and faster roads, faster cars, humans clone other animals, cars will fly in a few years and no one will bat an eyelid; body parts can be 3D printed, probes built by man have reached the farthest reaches of our galaxy, and medical advances are so great that man can live for long.

But at the same time man becomes more and more greedy, he wants more money; but more dangerously he wants more power.

Power to satisfy his ego, power over the lives of other people, power to do as he pleases, power to bully and when he seeks such power in a hurry he takes harsh actions and doesn’t care where those actions will lead, as long as his own needs are satisfied.

For satisfying present needs of extreme power, he creates monsters which , over a period of time, turn out to be Frankenstein, which turn back and start devouring their creators.

Wars were fought over territories, wars are fought for oil and in future wars will be fought over water.

So does it mean that one should not except peace for a sufficiently long period of time?

Someone will say that only meditation and love will bring peace to the world. But can a man with an empty stomach meditate?

Maybe a monk can but what about the common man?

So what is that elixir of peace? I have reached to the conclusion that permanent peace is not possible.

This is because everybody “wants” but nobody wants to “give”. This has been the past and this will be the future.

Whatever peace you are enjoying, is an open window to the sunshine, which might get shut any moment, and you fall back into the depths of darkness.

So appreciate and enjoy this window till it lasts. Alas folks!

There appears to be no solution for lasting peace in this world other than to, only “give” and not keep any expectation of return.

The Universe came into being with a big bang, now its infinite, but then it will also one day implode upon itself and die.

And you and me are, but a tiny speck of dust in it.

Some insects live for only a few days, some, a few hours.

And in the timespan of the Universe, we are just like insects.

So whatever time you and me have, enjoy it by spreading love and giving, and not having unreasonable wants.

Yatindra Tawde

2 thoughts on “Peace?

  1. There’s a theory,more of an abstract idea which highlights that total peace isn’t possible thus we need wars and destruction after certain intervals and the post war time is peace.
    It sort of takes in account of the human’s of desire of development and greed balanced with fear of survival.
    Ah! just a sort of philosophical idea there “maybe” some truth in it.

    P.S. loved your post.

    Liked by 1 person

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