Ebook review : Bhumi

Bhumi : A review

EBook title : Bhumi

Author : Tina Sequeira

When I came to know that Tina Sequeira has published her own ebook, ‘Bhumi’, I had to add it to my e-library. Tina is a multi-talented writer, a winner of Rashtriya Gaurav Award in association with the Government of Telangana for ‘Author of the year’ (2019) and many more.

Here’s my humble review of ‘Bhumi’.

All stories are of strong women or who became strong as they faced various gender-related challenges in their lives. Of women who fight various kinds of societal pressures. 

I recommend all men to read this book to understand the range of challenges women go through, irrespective of whether the women are from the top most rungs of society or from the lowest. And I recommend all women to read this book to keep their morale high when facing such challenges, as each story is a learning experience.

The very first story, ‘Amma’ grabs you by your tear-ducts, if that is possible. Its an ode to a woman, a mother, a wife. Anything more and I would have to include a spoiler alert.

‘Stark illusions’ captures the dark underbelly of any city, where women are used and thrown by lusty men. It’s hard-hitting and stark and makes you reflect.

‘Third time lucky’ is a short one but packs a punch.

Then comes my favourite one, ‘Grey’. Why is it my favourite? In addition to reading an engaging story, it took me to the beautiful landscapes of God’s own country, Kerala, it’s exquisitely tasty cuisine and the warm, hospitable people. Loved the cute and strict Ammamma too much. It also talks of an innocent, old world childhood which switched on, my own memories. And though I am a Maharashtrian, I love the Kerala way of life and it’s warm, friendly people.

‘Mirror mirror on the wall’ brings with it the horrors of acid attack and the possessive, deranged minds of the perpetrators of such attacks. At the same time, it also shows the strength of the victim in overcoming all obstacles and triumphing over them. Hard hitting!

‘First Lady’ starts like any other Saas-bahu battle and then gives a very touching message. And the author has managed to find humour in those situations which could be so difficult for a less accomplished writer. 

‘Saira’ captures the challenges faced by a free-spirited girl and how she overcomes them to live life on her own terms.

‘Juxtaposition’ is of another strong woman who makes decisions, whether grey or white, and doesn’t feel guilty about them.

‘Fire and Ice’ begins like any other teenage love story but basically a story of the woman. She lives her life as a docile woman for a larger part of life, but takes strong decisions when destiny demands.

‘Climax’ is very effective in putting across the message that when a woman says ‘no’  it means ‘NO’, whatever the circumstances.

‘Unbridled’ is a story  of two friends who make opposite choices in their lives and still find happiness, irrespective of those choices.

‘Fat chance’ is another one of my favourites where the protagonist finds her own path in all the madness of body-shaming indulged in by family, friends and the society in general.

‘Pound of flesh’ highlights the discrimination a woman faces irrespective of religion.

‘Switch’ talks about the progress women have made over generations and a positive outlook for the current generation. It also talks about imparting the right ideals to the new generation. 

‘Bhumi’ is a story of a woman who looks after her family without any expectations, almost ignored during better part of her life and how the family realises her importance only when she falls seriously ill. But the story ends positively.

To summarise, Tina Sequeira has written a masterpiece which is recommended for everyone.

Yatindra Tawde

Are Women from Venus

Women are from Venus

Just read the newspaper article that men hear from one side of the brain whereas in women, both sides of the brain are involved. This gives them the enviable power to read between the lines, hear things which might have been left unsaid since both sides of the brain enrich their creativity. Ah!! That explains the following innocent conversation between me and my wife.

I am engrossed with the scourge of modern life, which is the smartphone, when the wife initiates the most important conversation, that is, for her.

The first question is asked, “Have I grown fatter?” If that is not a googly, I don’t know what is. Gearing up for a long drawn out session, I keep my phone aside. That’s half the battle won, or so I think. Now she is one of the slimmest ladies but this question she must ask. I stay silent.
“Answer me, have I grown fatter”.
“No, not at all”
“I know you are saying this only to make me feel happy”
“No, no. I am serious. You really have not put on much weight”. Alas! The wrong words have escaped my loud mouth. I bite my tongue.
“Much weight! That means I have put on some weight no. I know you always tell lies only to make me feel better. But sometimes truth escapes your mouth, like it did just now”
“Noo! I did not mean it like that. I mean, look at so and so, you are nowhere near her. How can you say you are fat? You are not at all fat. You are not even plump. You are still the same like you were when we married.” Wicket gone!
“Men are like this only. Always comparing wives with other ladies. Your eyes are always roving. I hate you. I see it in your eyes that you consider me fat.”
I don’t like where this conversation is going. I think I should keep quiet now. So I smile feebly, trying to reassure her, trying to keep my arm around her shoulder. But it is shrugged off.
“Now why are you silent now?”. The question is asked. And answer too is given immediately. “I know why you are silent. You are silent because what I said was right. Was I not?”
“But you are only talking. You are not letting me speak at all”
“Yes, yes. I am only wrong. I am a dictator know. Don’t speak to me”. And she marches off, to fight another day.
But today I came to know the reasons for this, the two sides or two hemispheres of the lady’s brain. It would have been great face-off but for only one hemisphere of my puny brain.
Folks, what I have just written is all from one side of my brain, the involved with a little creativity, or you will go and complain to my wife!

Yatindra Tawde

Mind Readers

Research says “Women are very good at mind reading”. I am surprised this required research at all. After all, it is such a common occurrence, why waste money on research. Any husband will tell you how his wife reads his mind perfectly.
But why should I write about other people. I will share my own experiences.
Starting with an innocuous but regular occurrence, whenever I take up some extra domestic work, that too on a weekend, my wife reads my mind with mind boggling accuracy, “Which cricket/football match on TV today?”. I used to be surprised in the beginning, but now I am used to it.
Returning home with my wife, the slightest of slowing down of the car, is detected on the radar of my wife’s brain. “You should not buy beer today, today is so and so festival”. Wow! How does she do it. In the time spent together so far, I have now come to know of the unknown festivals of India, which she uses to deny me my single can of beer. I may be having it only once in two-three weeks but for her I am a drunkard, who has to be weaned away by all possible means. But what is stunning is, the reading of mind, due to slightest of reduction in car speed.
On weekends, as soon as I start making myself slightly more comfortable, she senses that I am preparing to doze off. That’s called sixth sense. Suddenly she remembers to buy those household things which won’t make a difference, if not bought. There is no emergency but then it prevents a husband from enjoying his two winks.
But reading of my mind attains it’s highest levels of accuracy when I am channel surfing. Any beautiful moment on TV, like for example Baywatch and the like, and the antennae are extra sensitive. Same is the case when we are in Goa, and I am admiring the foaming sea. But I not at a fault if some other type of natural beauty are in the foreground. However, the thoughts are sensed and all efforts are made by the wife, to distract me from such diversions.
So Scientists should not waste the public money on such common sense topics like mind reading abilities of women and they should concentrate on finding ways to block such capabilities.
Yatindra Tawde