The Conveyor bed

I see 2 suitcases on the airport conveyor belt, side by side. They are lost in their own little world. There is no other suitcase to disturb them. Bliss, it is. The two of them glide in slow motion on the well oiled conveyor belt. The gentle drone of the conveyor belt is very soothing to their ears. Their movement is like a ballet on tip toes, the two complementing each other in the exquisite dance.

But hey!

Why is one of the suitcases hogging the space of the other, suddenly. That’s not how it’s supposed to be. The conveyor belt takes over.

It tilts to one side…and… Rajesh wakes up.

As he rubs his eyes and they adjust to the surrounding darkness, he realises what has happened.

He was dreaming and has just experienced the working of his new bed. Or rather, their new bed. Means, his and his wife’s, Radha’s…

When Radha had seen the advertisement, she had insisted on buying it. The bed that is. The feature which clinched the deal in its favour was the conveyor belt.

What’s a conveyor belt doing on a twin bed, you might ask.

Well, it’s function is to separate the two people sleeping on the bed, so that either one doesn’t hog the space of the other.

Its another matter that a twin bed shared by a husband and wife duo, is primarily meant for few shenanigans, where both are supposed to occupy the least space on the bed. But when it’s over and sleep overcomes two tired souls, they would like to occupy their own sides of the twin bed so that their beauty sleep is not disturbed.

And Radha loves her sleep too much to think about her husband, Rajesh’s, sentiments. Hence the bed is in their room. The same bed which has pushed Rajesh, back to his own half of the bed.

It sensed the additional weight of Rajesh in Radha’s bed space, and got to work. The conveyor belt started, it tilted towards the space originally occupied by Rajesh and rolled him over to his own half.

Yes, such a prototype has been made for whatever it is worth and not in the market for sale. So everyone can relax.

Yatindra Tawde

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