A Chocolatey world

In my childhood, I just loved a yummy song in my mother tongue,

“I wish to live in a beautiful chocolate bungalow,
Golden and silvery, shining so brightly…”

Oh, how I wished to live in such a delicious bungalow. It’s another matter that I didn’t get to live in a normal bungalow, leave aside a chocolate one.

As I grew older, I realised that such chocolatey worlds are only in a child’s dream.

However recently, in the German town of Werl, this children’s dream almost came true. Well almost…

It so happened that the Chocolate manufacturing unit in the town had an unfortunate accident. That is, unfortunate for the Chocolate factory but good fortune for the residents.

A storage tank of liquid chocolate sprang a leak and the goovy liquid flowed out on the street outside. Soon there was a river of chocolate which solidified into a thick layer, in the cold air.

But of course, the authorities being the same everywhere, especially when it involves something joyful, got down to the job. Before the townsfolk could get any inkling of the goodies flowing down the street, the authorities started cleaning.

Not only did they shovel away the hardened sweet stuff, they used hot water and blow torches to further liquify the remaining chocolate and swept it down the drains. So merciless and unromantic. And who were the perpetrators of this ghastly act; it was the normally helpful firefighters.

Finally nothing remained for the humans, the cats, dogs and mice of the world; at least nothing remained for free consumption though it was available for a price, at the shop counters.

But I wondered what would happen in some other countries, especially the hotter countries.

The citizens would think nothing of dipping their fingers in the goovy stuff, with a mobile in their other hand for an impromptu selfie.

Some enterprising individual would come up with a ‘Chocolatey Slide’ where the customers can slide on the squishy liquid, of course, for a price. Last seen, some customers were sliding on their tongues, the cheaters.

Another one could come up with the concept of ‘chocolate puri’ and make his millions.

While the authorities would let the happy stuff remain on the street for days to come, just like they let all the rubble remain after the umpteenth road digging project.

Yatindra Tawde

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