14 thoughts on “Check this out at Amazon.in

      1. Oh it’s my absolute pleasure to read your work. I just got the book from Kindle and finished reading smart house. Hahaha that was hilarious. I am going to order some copies of your work and give it to my parents. Very happy you decided to publish your work.

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      2. I published through kdp ( kindle direct publishing) which is tied up with Amazon. Once you go on their site, you will be guided through step by step process. Just go to https://kdp.amazon.com and then to Create a new title. The Amazon and kdp signing in should be the same. If it isn’t then just create a new sign in.


      3. Oh thank you so much. KDP is very popular self publishing platform. I have definitely heard of it. Just one last question, did you take someone else’s help for designing the cover and formatting and for all those technical things or did you do it all on your own? I am not so great when it comes to all this so I thought I should ask you. Thank you for your help

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      4. I was wondering, have you self published this collection on Amazon? Did you go for any publisher or was it the route of self publishing? I was thinking of publishing my poems but I can’t understand how to go about it. Would really appreciate your help

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