Change of Guard

Housing Societies are happening places. So much happens in the background.

Recently our Society went through a change in the Security Agency. And though the reason given was appointment of a more professional service, the real reason was cost savings.

Like any professional organisation worth its name, the Managing Committee of the Society decided that there should be proper handing over-taking over from the old guard to the new.

So for a period of one month, the Society was inundated with two different uniforms, Dark Blue and Light Green. I am sure there might be some other words for the colours but for the benefit of partially colour blind (including yours truly), let’s stick to the mentioned colours.

At the end of the one month period, the Managing Committee decided that due process of handing over-taking over has been followed and the old Security Agency was discontinued.

And that’s when the fun started…or rather, the complaints to the Secretary started.

“Yesterday a few guests visited us and the watchman never called us to inform. So irresponsible. It is all due to you. Why did you replace a good security agency?”, one member…

This is the same member who used to scold the old security agency for making his guests wait. Only after the call had been placed and answered the watchman used to send them up.

This one member made the life of the secretary a pain with his constant complaints.

Finally the Secretary asked the new watchman to call this member irrespective of whoever wanted to visit him.

Next day morning, 5.00 o’clock.

The intercom rings incessantly. First, the man of the house pushes away his alarm clock.

When that doesn’t help, he bangs it. No effect. The ringing continues…

Finally he wakes up, stumbles like a zombie towards the intercom and picks up the mouthpiece.

At the other end, “Hellooo…the milkman has come. Should I send him up Sir”

The irritated man of the house gives his piece of mind to the zapped watchman in the choicest vocabulary.

The confused watchman disconnects the phone and calmly asks the milkman to return back telling him, “Sab bahoot garam hai. Shayad unko doodh nahi chahiye. Tu chala ja.” (Sir is very angry today. I think he doesn’t require the milk. You can go back.”

The Sir’s family has to go out that day to buy their daily quota of milk.

The member now complains to the secretary about the new watchman calling him repeatedly to announce the arrival of all and sundry.

Isn’t it surprising folks?

Yatindra Tawde

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