Pa…Pad Man

The wife was well and truly disturbed since few days. She loves her kitchen kingdom but there was something which was making her agitated.

“Yatin, come to the kitchen” and I had to move myself away from the TV and run inside.

“Do you smell it?”

“What? The food?”, I asked in earnestness. “Umm…it smells beautiful!”


Thinking that it must be a new incense stick she has discovered, I exclaim, “These new incense sticks smell so beautiful”

“Yatin! I am not even burning the incense sticks. How can you smell them?”

Then she adds, “It’s a pungent smell. As if some lizard is rotting”

Once she says it, I smell it. “Yes, I can smell it. Ugh…”

“Oh, now you smell it? Now help me to search the source of the smell.”

I saw my couch potato time going for a toss.

But when the high command commands, you leave everything aside and do as she pleases.

The next 1 hour is spent in cleaning of all lower shelves in the kitchen bending over and doing the deed…but there is no dead lizard to be found.

So the next target is what else, but the higher shelves.

She opens one of the shelves and ughh…the smell consumes the kitchen space. We look for the departed lizard…but what’s this?

A small plastic bag is picked up by the wife and pushed in front of my nose…and I almost suffocate. So this is the source; but what does it contain?

You bought these papads (a thin dried cake of dough, which can be of rice or other grains) a week back didn’t you? How did you not notice the smell when you bought it? You always want these papads but don’t know how to shop for them?”

I protest feebly that it was not smelling at the time of buying but to no avail.

“Now throw it in the dustbin. No wait. My dustbin will smell. Pack it in another plastic bag, go downstairs and throw it in the big dustbin outside”

Thus ended my desire for a few humble papads as I am now at the mercy of my wife to buy them whenever she wishes to indulge the taste buds of her Papad Man.

But I must say, I admire my wife’s swachchata Abhiyan inside the house where even our dustbin doesn’t smell.

Yatindra Tawde

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