Don’t watch this movie before sleeping!

Well, I couldn’t sleep. The horrific visuals stay with you for a long time after the movie is over.

The screenplay and the script are the real heroes in this very well made movie and the VFX takes it to another level altogether. It’s original and it’s scary.

A myth, an authentic sounding manufactured one, is the basis for the entire movie.

The continuous rains, whenever the story shifts to Tumbbad, give a haunting setting to the happenings. In fact, the rains are one important character in this movie experience.

Other than the rains, the sets, whether the stone Wada of Sarkar, the broken down stone dwelling of Vinayak and his family of a brother and widowed mother along with their ancient grandmother or the vintage wadas of Pune, are characters in the movie, by themselves.

Grandmother! The way she has been portrayed in this movie is something unexpected and scary. Watch the first scene where you see her face…if you can call it that. Zombies will appear childish.

The descent into the well inside the Wada, and the further descent into the goddess’s womb, makes your heart palpitate with fear, and especially the first descent and escape from the womb, with Hastar hot in pursuit, is mind numbing.

A really well made movie which will surely give you the chills.

That it has been made by a debutant Director, Rahi Anil Barve, is truly praiseworthy. You will really admire his resilience in sticking to his vision. Hats off and kudos to his spirit.

And what can one say about Sohum Shah. He is a true risk taking entrepreneur who happens to be in the film business. I think, the two films, Ship of Theseus and Tumbbad, will define this pioneer, that is, till he comes out with another gem of a movie.

Don’t miss this truly horror movie, the best to come out of India.

Yatindra Tawde

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