The Romantic Gift

Oh, she is so beautiful, he thought. He was mesmerised by her curves.

And loved her moves, especially the way she glided over the waves and shot into the air through the waters, flipping and twisting in grace, as she fell back into the waters.

He thought of wooing her and what better way than gifting her something; something which she would appreciate.

And what better gift than that most beautiful creation of The Almighty, the colourful , intricately designed…Sponge!!

No, I am not talking about that contraption with which dutiful husbands clean the household utensils.

I am talking about the natural sponges which attach themselves to the ocean floor.

Now which Male in his right senses would think of gifting a sponge to the female of his dreams. After all there are stones available, also called diamonds.

But we are not talking of the lowly species which prides itself to be the most intelligent on Land.

We are talking about the Male Dolphins which woo the females by breaking off big chunks of the marine sponges, balancing them on their nose or beak, and offering it, in an apparent romantic effort to mate.

Why sponges? Maybe it has something to do with them being colourful and are fluffy to touch, making the females go weak in their…fins.

Humans too, have found numerous uses for the marine sponge.

It is used as a bathroom accessory, in personal hygiene due to its inherently fluffy nature and soft touch, in the ceramic industry, in home decorating and painting, in high end footwear manufacturers and in painting and fine arts.

Of course, Man being Man, tried to replicate God’s creation and ended up making a tool for cleaning of household utensils.

And women’s liberation pushed the men to use this implement to atone for their past sins, by taking up this critical activity in the kitchen.

Yatindra Tawde

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