To the Mall

Nobody noticed the escape. The three who escaped were ecstatic. They thought of enjoying their sudden freedom. But how?

This was a city which was quite unlike what they had been used to. In their young age they roamed the huge savannah with a sprinkling of trees.

And then there was the enclosure. An enclosure where they were watched. Watched by the crazy colourful animals, which grinned or grimaced, just like the apes in the savannah.

But while those apes kept to themselves while eating their fruits, these colourful animals just wanted to stare at other animals, while eating from some shiny fruit-like thing, whose covering was just thrown away once they had their fill. The enclosure was full of these shiny peels.

The three were tired of this life inside the enclosure but they were never able to find a way out…until now.

It being nighttime, no one noticed their absence. But once they had come out they could only see huge structures everywhere which had small holes in them. Some of these holes were lighted and they saw those crazy colourful animals inside, mostly with something in their hands or staring at a big lighted box.

The three were hungry now but they couldn’t find any trees nearby as most of the area was occupied by the big structures, so they kept walking.

After a long walk, suddenly they espied bright lights in the distance. And more importantly, they saw trees.

The hungry three galloped towards the lights, the trees, and stretched out with all the elasticity in their necks towards the leaves and…crunch.

But alas! The crunch was not the leaves being eaten, but the teeth being broken!

The poor Giraffes; yes the Giraffes, lost their teeth on the artificial leaves on the artificial trees which adorned the gateway of the brightly lighted Mall.

The Mall erupted in cacophony as it was filled with the same colourful ape-like animals, who rushed towards the entrance to gape at these unusual visitors.

However some unsporting person called in the Forest department.

Soon the employees of the Forest department arrived with their paraphernalia at the Mall, aimed their dart guns at the poor, elongated souls and put them to sleep while the colourful animals had a free show without a visit to the neighbourhood Zoo.

Yatindra Tawde

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