A Tinder like app…

Everyone knows what Tinder is. It is the most popular dating app across many countries. So what is this tinder like app. Let’s find out…Sam is sitting on a chair in an airy room having many computers. There are many men and women, all wearing white overcoats, exuding scientist vibes.

Samantha is sitting in a neighbouring room, which is also populated by similar men and women. Both of them are taking part in a research and are supposed to remain silent while these men and women study them, or rather they are studying their reactions to various stimuli. For the last few days, the subject of research has been the same. And today is the day, every one of those men and women have been waiting for.

Sam is sitting in front of a screen. A man standing beside him is showing him photos of different females on the screen. The other men and women are either watching him carefully, studying the gamut of emotions on his eyes and face, or they are studying monitors, connected to sensors attached to to his torso near his chest, to his temples.

Whenever Sam likes what he sees, his grins broadly or laughs hysterically, his big eyes bulging out of their sockets. Sometimes he also claps with exaggerated swaying of his arms.

And when he doesn’t like what he sees, he bends his head downwards or he covers his eyes with his huge palms.

Similarly, in the other room, Samantha displays same gamut of emotions. She is being shown various photos of males on her screen.

What these scientists are testing is an app, similar to Tinder, with a difference.

They know, how visuals of attractive women or men affect the individual of the opposite sex, who is watching. But here, the study is focused on a different species.

Sam and Samantha are Chimps, and by studying their response to the visual stimuli, these researchers have been able to prove, that the human cousins are also similarly affected. This research will help the researchers to develop an app to link up, like minded chimps, to reduce their loneliness.

And for those interested, Sam and Samantha displayed the most enthusiastic grunting and clapping on being shown each other’s photos, and they now live happily ever after, in those hallowed dwellings, of the research lab.

Instead of ‘Rab ne bana di jodi’ , it is ‘Lab ne bana di jodi’.

Yatindra Tawde

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