A morning walk

My morning walk starts at about 8.00 am. after completing the morning ablutions. Mind you, it is not that I go daily, in fact days go by without a walk. But when I go, its an awesome experience.

The first ones to greet me are the friendly neighbourhood dogs. They are so friendly that if I go in shorts they start barking.

To avoid that, I have to walk in jeans so they ensure that I am dressed modestly.

As I take a few more steps I feel the first drops of sweat trickling down my back. I start feeling the discomfort of sweat and heat.

But soon I forget everything as I spy upon the lake. The tranquil waters beckon me to walk faster.

The man with the work list walks by, his phone to his ears. He always looks very busy, his work list jotted down on assorted pieces of paper, fluttering in his hands. He is an old man of about 60 , but having a full mop of hair on his pate, making me envious.

Shortly he is followed by a man in his fifties, who always jogs with his dog trying to keep pace with him. Usually it is the other way round, since dogs are very active but this particular dog looks like he needs a little exercise, since he is quite on the heavier side. He is a golden retriever and is a favourite of the small children who sometimes accompany their parents on the walk.

I reach the other side of the lake, which is covered by a canopy of trees. It is here that the fun starts as nature is in full bloom.

The walking path is covered by the fallen leaves and the birds are sitting with their wings half open to dry out after a quick dip in the lake waters.

Before you think of some exotic birds, let me bring you down to earth since most birds are the common crows and pesky pigeons.

And the little monkeys, the kind who sit patiently near Karnala national park, are very active here, swinging from branch to branch or wrestling between themselves. And sometimes they show their naughty side, by pulling the tails of sundry dogs who make the walking track, their sleeping arena.

They pull their tails and immediately they bound off into the branches above.

As I go ahead witnessing all their crazy antics, I reach the serene surroundings of the quaint little Ganpati temple located at the far corner of the lake. I enter the temple, seek the Lords blessings first, then sit for sometime in the premises, meditating.

Soon office beckons, I get up and re-trace my steps along the same walking track looking at the shimmering lake waters, flush with the first rays of the morning sun.

I see the small ducks having a good swim in the waters, sometimes diving into the waters when they spot a fish nearby.

With a final glance at the Shiv Murti installed on a pedestal in the lake, I leave the lake surroundings and find that many people are already on their way to their respective work places.

Thus ends my first and last sojourn with nature every day, whenever I go on the walk.

Yatindra Tawde

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