Arrest of a goat

It happens only in India!

An innocent goat enters the garden of no less a personality, than a Judge, for the umpteenth time and has to pay the price for the same. After all, a boundary wall is for the humans, the animals roam free from place to place.

How was it to know that just by crossing a boundary fence, it was entering into the hallowed precincts of the Judge’s adobe.

Of course its owner had been warned many times by the judge but what was the owner to do. Was he supposed to tie up the poor one.

After all the goat doesn’t even bite anyone. Many goats are capable of bringing a smile to your face, just by its funny antics.

Recently on the internet, I had seen a goat enjoying to slide on a slope, again and again, just like small children do. I even felt that it was laughing as it did this.

But judges are not supposed to see the brighter things in life, they are itching to judge somebody negatively, unless strongly proved to be otherwise.

So here was the goat, jumping into the garden of the judge and nibbling away on the assorted sweets available in the happy grounds, when it suddenly heard the police sirens wailing, but it still went about its snacks.

In a flash two policemen grab the surprised goat and haul it all the way to the police station, along with its owner. Good thing , it had the owner accompanying it, or it would have ended up as somebody’s dinner.

Anyways, after spending a day in a lock up, it was let off with a warning and the owner was released on bail.

The mugshot of the goat now graces the walls of the police station and it shares the wall with some of the most dangerous criminals in that area.
As a bonus, it became the most famous goat in the whole of India, with its photo trending on social media like facebook and twitter.
Yatindra Tawde

One thought on “Arrest of a goat

  1. Very amusing and we’ll written! Thanks for following my blog. I hope you find it not just about biking, but about life, self improvement, inspiration, chocolate and more! I don’t know how people keep up with others and do their own blogs But thank you!

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