Cats and dogs


It’s that dreaded word again…research!

Research says that dogs are more intelligent than the cats. But who will tell that to the cats!

Many times on social media, you will read that the smart people stay silent while fools chatter away. It is on the same social media that, cats are the reigning superstars.

While dogs are emotional fools, the cats are true drama queens or tantrum throwing divas.

When you observe a cat, you will see her engrossed in herself. She is either grooming herself or being selfish for her food. And can she manipulate! All her actions are designed to emotionally blackmail her owners to part with food.

Her meows range from almost begging to demanding to commanding. If that doesn’t work, she rubs against the owners legs and purrs with contentment. That is sure to melt the heart of any strong headed owner.

When she sits, her…

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