I have been nominated for “Blogger Recognition” award by Rashmi –

This is the first time someone actually nominated me for a blogging award and it gives me an encouragement to write more posts and also helps me to know more fantastic bloggers in this blogging world.
Huge thanks to Rashmi for nominating me!

She is an amazing Blogger. She is very talented  and I love her blog , especially her poetry.

The rules of Blogger Recognition Award are:
1.Post the rules.
2.Use the Blogger Recognition Award badge on your page.
3.Tell us why you blog.
4.Give us two tips for new bloggers.
5.Nominate at least 4 new bloggers for this award and notify each of them of the nomination.

So the answers to the questions asked to me are :

Why I blog?
I Write on varied topics and try to make the blogpost as humorous as possible. I like to write about my travel too and I have also written a few movie reviews also. Writing is a great stress buster for me.

Tips for new bloggers:

Don’t wait for the right time. All time is Write time. And don’t start after waiting for writing ideas, start writing, the ideas will start coming. Take care about grammar and sentence formation. The beginning of a blogpost should always grab the readers attention. And the ending should summarise to the satisfaction of the readers.
My nominations for the blogger recognition awards are:

And  I also nominate-


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