An Airport?

Friends, by writing this I don’t want to bolster any negative image of India. But this is a fact at one of India’s airports.

As you know, India has many small and large airports. The airports of Mumbai, new Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, are among the best in the world catering to huge domestic as well as international traffic.

But there are smaller and remote airports also. And I bring you the story of one such airport.
Recently an aircraft was brought to its knees… Believe it or not… It was hit by a herd of wild boars… And there the aircraft sits, by the side of the runway, since the damage is serious.
But this is just the beginning… When the central team from the particular company owning the aircraft, visited the airport, it was given further warning by the local authorities…. Please go near the runway, only during daytime… Don’t venture during dark.

That had the central team confused… When they made further enquiries, they were informed that, wild boars are just the tip of the iceberg… You can get accosted by more dangerous animals like the leopards, and if you are lucky… Or unlucky… You will see pythons crossing the runway… All this, only because, there is a wildlife sanctuary nearby…

Though the airport is well barricaded, the animals are successful in breaching the boundaries… Endangering themselves as well as the passengers who are inside the aircraft during landing or take off.
Already I see, the touristy people, abondoning the usual wildlife sanctuaries like, Corbett and Sariska, and making a bee line for this airport… After all where else, will you get to see such exotic wild animals , without getting down from the comfort of the aircraft and getting into a rickety contraption like the green jungle jeep…

yatindra tawde

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