I am sure you all have encounters with U.F.O. …Surprised!!

In domestic flights it is commonly known as”Veg” or “Non-Veg”. For me it is”Unidentified Food Object”.

Especially, if you travel during meal times, you are served a so-called meal. It consists of a “Chapati” which you have to tear apart with both hands to put it in your mouth and then you need to have strong healthy teeth to chew…god help the person who is not so well endowed in his mouth …then there is the rice. If it is just steamed rice, you are in luck, but if it is jeera rice, it’s another struggle. Since the jeera is so hard it will find its way to get stuck in the teeth…wherever they get the chance, just like people rushing into a bus to find open spaces for themselves to sit. At least the people get down when they reach their destinations, but here, the jeera has to be pushed and prodded into leaving it’s cosy space between the teeth.

The sweet served and the cup of readymade curds is just fine, but what is served on the two opposite sides of the rice, only the caterers of the respective airlines, know. You can neither identify it from its visual effect nor its taste.

You somehow try to mix it with the rice and push it down your throat. And nowadays they serve a joke called a scratch gift coupon along with your meal, the less said about it the better…i am sure you will agree with me.
Yatindra Tawde

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