The Smart Car

I remember an old movie named, “The Car”. It tells the story of a mysterious car which goes on a murderous rampage, terrorizing the residents of a small town. It was a Hollywood movie and I had loved that film.

But now it seems that the cars in America have turned over a new leaf.

Well, literally!!

Recently an old lady, driving a car in Florida got involved in an accident. Actually it was a hit-n-run case and this particular lady was the culprit. She was all set to drive away from the scene, but all her plans went awry… Thanks to her own car!! Well, this happens only in America and how! Now read on…

All thanks to the great American obsession to give even the minutest possible safety features to its citizens, a 911 assist facility is in-built in most new cars in America nowadays. And the lady in question was done in by this very facility.

It so happened that immediately, on impact, the 911 facility on the car – which was paired with the lady’s mobile- made a missed call to the police. When the police called back on the number, the lady did not answer. But hey, what’s the big problem? If the car owner does not answer the phone, then the car takes over. And so it did…

The car, via its Assist facility, connected with the phone, and taking the help of the GPS facility inside the car, gave the car number as well as the location coordinates to the police… in no time, the police were at the spot and arrested the lady. The lady was shocked by the sudden arrival of the police.

She had been unaware about all that had transpired between her own car and the police. I think, when she finally realises it, she will file a case on the car manufacturer for infidelity.

That’s the price a man has to pay if all his possessions are smart like a smart phone, a smart car, a smart watch, etc, etc… And he himself remains dumb!

Let’s see what happens when such cars are introduced in India…a certain movie director , who is obsessed with kissing cars, dancing cars, et al, will next introduce a infidelity car whereas another director will be too happy to blow up such a car, like he does in each movie of his.

Some movie stars, who are prone to car accidents, will never buy such a car whereas some people, who drink and drive, will pour their drink on the assist facility inside the car, so that it doesn’t tell tales on them.

But then this issue might never arise in India, since the calls placed by the car, will , in all probability, go unanswered…

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