Garba Trends

It’s that time of the year…when we dance the night away for nine continuous nights, Navratri, by doing the Garba. The gaiety and the enjoyment cannot be matched by any dance pub, disco or rock concert. In fact the comparison is sacrilegious, it is beyond compare. Every year new trends arise in Garba, someone or the other will try to introduce new concepts to banish the boredom which might arise, if the same old routine is followed year after year. So what are the trends this year? Let’s see what I have observed so far…

The Rain Garba – the Navratri this year started under a cloud, or rather a cloud burst. So the enthusiastic Garba denizens rushed to buy raincoats of all colours. After all, the main feature of Navratri is the celebration of different colours on each day. So we had the ladies put their best raincoats forward, and dance away the night in fervour.

The Swimming pool Garba – The other day, I was surprised to see a unique Garba on the social media. The ladies were dancing away, but not on firm ground, but in a swimming pool. Perhaps they were missing the rains! So there was lot of splashing of water and Garba in slow motion. So much for uniqueness.

The Train Garba – Trust the ladies of Mumbai to start a Garba in the unlikeliest of places. So you have 10 ladies go around in circles with the grace of ballet dancers, in the confined space near the local train doorway, with somebody’s mobile belting out the latest trending songs. You have to see the sheer enthusiasm on the faces of ladies to believe it! After all, most of you must be aware of the rush during the mad hours of the mornings and evenings, in the lifelines of Aamchi Mumbai.

The Salsa Garba – The Salsa originated in the Caribbean but found its soulmate in Garba this year. So it’s the trending dance form this year across cities in western India, from Mumbai to Aapro Ahmedabad.

Yatindra Tawde

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